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Welcome to Telecentric


South Africa's first truely independent telecommunications outsource solution.    


Telecentric is a web-based software system that will audit and manage all telecommunication expenditure, irrespective of service provider or service type. Telecentric is designed to identify areas where cost saving initiatives can be implemented, as well as opportunities for rationalisation (lines that are being paid for, but not being utilised or services on incorrect packages, etc).


Years of experience in the telecommunications industry in sectors that include mobile handset sales, least cost routing, telecommunications auditing, billing verification, mobile data and fixed line provisioning, have shown that companies overlook twelve critical factors when it comes to managing their telecommunication spend.  The reason for this is that there has never been a tool that identifies, measures and manages these factors.  Thus, after two years of research and software developement, Telecentric was born.


12 Overspend points


What Telecentric can do for your company


As a truly independant consultancy (we do not supply or have dealer agreements with any telecommunications service providers), Telecentric will:


  • Audit the entire firm and verify that all telecommunications costs and services are legitimate and necessary.
  • Allocate all costs to the user, department and cost centre concerned.
  • Optimise the company spend by comparing current telecommunication packages, providers and technologies employed with what is on offer in the marketplace.
  • Telecentric will monitor the firm’s spend on a monthly basis at the point of payment and report on anomalies.
  • Telecentric can assist with tenders and sourcing of new telecommunication equipment and providers.
  • Telecentric will liaise as the intermediary between the firm and its telecommunications providers.
  • Telecentric will link with your accounting system by creating exports that can be uploaded on a monthly basis saving hours of wasted administration time.


Telecentric is available through the following strategic partners:


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